By JON KARR, published in the New York Minute

Matthew Szlachetka may already be known for his role in the highly successful Northstar Session, but, as one door must close for another to open, good things must come to an end only to make room for growth. With his new solo album, Waits for a Storm to Find, Szlachetka has taken that step of faith into the unknown. The album is courageously honest and heralds a promising new chapter in his career.

Waits for a Storm to Find is the result of Szlachetka tirelessly pursuing his own voice. He draws on rock, blues, soul and more to find a space uniquely his own. It has a feeling and an essence that comes from harnessing his deepest musical interests by filtering them through his vision and experience of the world.

NYMM: Tell me a bit about the transition from being in Northstar Session to launching a solo career.

MS: I was in a band for about seven years and after a while we just started spinning our wheels. Everyone was starting to go in different directions. It was just time for everybody to part ways. I had a bunch of songs that I had written near the end that I used to start this album.

NYMM: When did you start putting together the album?

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