Written by Carrie Horton, published in theboot.com on October 13, 2016

Americana artist Matthew Szlachetka is debuting the music video for “Heart of My Hometown,” his latest single, on The Boot. The song combines crisp vocals, hard-edged guitars and rhythmic production to create a track that somehow seems classic and innovative at the very same time, and its accompanying video is a perfect homage to the indelible mark our homes leave on us, both in life and in music.

“Heart of My Hometown” showcases Szlachetka’s storytelling lyrics, guitar prowess and vocals that sound raw and polished in the same breath. The artist draws on Americana influences, rock-country qualities and even a few pop tendencies to craft a song that’s rooted in folk and country music, yet raised to new lyrical, musical and even emotional heights.

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