By Allen Foster, published in axs.com

It might not be accurate to say that Matthew Szlachetka is a touring artist because a “tour” is something with limits. It is a finite trip where several locations are visited and then it ends. The traveler returns home to take a brief or lengthy respite from the road to regroup, refuel, and strategize anew so that a few months later, he can embark on the next leg of his journey.

Matthew, however, is devoted to the road because his love for music is unwavering. He has more shows in just a few short months than most artists can manage over the course of an entire year. Often, there is no discernible break in his journeys. In fact, it might be best to simply say that Matthew lives in a different city every day of his life.

Recently, his travels brought him to a quiet little borough nestled along the Delaware River in scenic Bucks County, Pennsylvania. New Hope is an unassuming cultural micro-mecca thriving with independent shops filled with intriguing one-of-a-kind curios, top-rated dining experiences delivered by the capable hands of renowned chefs, and a plethora of artists from all imaginable disciplines who either call the area home or travel to the region to find inspiration. It is a quaint, red brick wonderland that offers a seemingly endless bounty of small town marvels.

Matthew performed at the Triumph Brewing Company, a popular craft beer bar and casual upscale eatery that offers such culinary delights as eggplant, fettuccine, hanger steak, risotto, panini, and more. The stage is dramatically positioned beneath a dozen or so enormous stainless steel fermenters. Patrons can enjoy the performances either from the bar or from a second floor balcony.

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