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ROUGHSTOCK reviews Heart Of My Hometown

Review by Dan MacIntosh

Fans of Americana artists like Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson will find something to like in Szlachetka's music. See our review of "Heart of My Hometown" here.

Szlachetka may not have an immediately recognizable country name, but many of his musical influences are instantly familiar. And while the steel guitar is front and center on “Algebra,” he sings “Ready to Run” with a Sprintsteen-esque urgency and an Eddie Vedder quiver in his voice. The latter’s sonic also brings Gin Blossoms to mind.

Whereas “Ready to Run” revs up the rock & roll electric guitars, “A Letter Each Morning” finds Szlachetka singing over nothing more than a finger-picked guitar. It has the early morning feel of a gentle Nick Drake song. “Wildflowers on The Highway” is also acoustic, only it’s a strummed guitar and features female accompaniment and gentle strings.

Read the entire review here.


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