Young Heart, Old Soul (Vinyl Edition)


Pick up the collectors edition of my latest album on vinyl, before it's officially released.

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In advent of not being able to tour this year (and having to change my release strategy of leaking my album as a collection of singles), I decided to sell it on vinyl as an exclusive email list offer! I wanted you guys to have exclusive first rights to my album (in a deluxe vinyl package) before it's officially released.

That being said, if you pick up a copy please do not make any social media posts about it so that way press opportunities are not jeopardized as the rest of the singles are released.

This album marks my best and most earnest work to date and I'm so excited for all of you to hear it!  This is an exclusive offer only available to you guys on my email list and the album won't be listed on my website until the last single is released.

Here's what comes with the vinyl package.

Vinyl Album (with full liner notes & lyrics)


  • Full Album WAV Files
  • Full Album mp3 Files
  • Exclusive 7 Minute Album Documentary (only available w/ vinyl package)
  • 2 Press Photos
  • Album Cover JPEG

Additional information


Unsigned, Autographed

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