Waits For A Storm To Find


01 Wasting Time
02 And I See You Now
03 Come Home For December
04 Little Things In Life Can Show You Love
05 I Can't Look At Your Face
06 Carry Me Home
07 Back Into Your Heart
08 All These Lines
09 I Keep Telling Myself It's Fine
10 You're Home To Me
11 Threw You Away In Los Angeles
12 Waits For A Storm To Find
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SZLACHETKA's debut solo album is a collection of deeply felt songs, full of soulful melodies and rootsy arrangements that evoke his folk, blues and rock ’n’ roll influences.

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Having honed his skills leading the Los Angeles-based pop/alt rockers The Northstar Session, singer/songwriter/guitarist Matthew Szlachetka hit the ground running with Waits For A Storm To Find, his debut solo album. It’s a collection of 12 deeply felt songs, full of soulful melodies and rootsy arrangements that evoke the folk, blues and rock ’n’ roll influences that inspired Szlachetka, while pushing past them to establish a sound all his own. The album is Szlachetka’s most personal statement, with lyrical vignettes drawn from relationships, tough decisions and learning, sometimes the hard way, when to move on. He muses about unfilled potential on the title track, which frames Szlachetka’s tousled voice with simple piano and elegant horns. Elsewhere, he mourns falling out of touch with an old friend on the understated folk-pop tune “Come Home for December,” sings like he’s trying to convince himself over raucous guitar and a sturdy rhythm on “I Keep Telling Myself It’s Fine” and dials in a wistful tone on the soaring “Wasting Time.”

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